About us

M3E was founded in 2019 as a consulting company for sustainable mobility in Berlin.
In the course of our short existence, we have continuously expanded our product and service portfolio and now see ourselves as a first point of call in the field of sustainable mobility - not only in Germany, but also throughout Europe.

A sustainable future for mobility starts now!

We support the transition to sustainable mobility, because an emission-free future is the only livable future for our society! In addition to governments and decision-makers, individuals and private sector companies must also play a central role in bringing about social change.
Our team of dedicated experts contributes expertise and passion to pave the way for the mobility transformation now.
All transportation must be made sustainable in a way that puts the environment and climate first. We are helping to do this by transforming transport from a burden to a useful tool for all.
We are leading by example!

Company History

  1. 2019

    Foundation and execution of initial orders from automotive manufacturers

  2. 2020

    Establishment of an office in Berlin, collaboration with additional automotive manu- facturers, expansion of our service portfolio, processing 300+ funding applications, initiation of our digital transformation

  3. 2021

    Foundation of M3E France, two offices – in Berlin and Paris –, 1000+ funding applications and grant management projects

  4. 2022

    Relocation to a new office for all 25+ employees, launch of our GHG quota platform, foundation of M3E Spain, 100% paperless

Our Values

Team Spirit

We love our team spirit, value our differences and look out for each other. We are always courteous, respectful and tolerant.

Team Play

Great things are almost always created together, not alone. We work together across all areas and all pull together to find and implement the best possible solutions.

Personal Growth

We believe there is always something new to learn. We offer our employees every opportunity to develop and grow personally and professionally.


Climate and environment are close to our hearts! That's why we lead by example, have established a paperless office, and, for instance, refrain from taking intra-European flights.


We recognize new opportunities on the global market and continually expand our service portfolio based on the needs and requirements of our customers.


We are fast, always deliver excellent service and proactively solve our customers' problems.