M3E Consulting advises you on the development of future-proof and sustainable mobility concepts in an interdisciplinary way and accompanies you every step of the way to the realization of your project. Trust in our many years of experience!
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Fleet Electrification Support

We advise companies on all relevant aspects of making their fleets fit for sustainable mobility. This includes not only the choice of vehicle and charging station, but also the right combination of subsidies, their application and management. We always work closely with our customers to develop forward-looking concepts and implement them quickly.
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GHG Quotas for Fleet and B2B Customers

With our guaranteed fixed prices, we offer a transparent and reliable commercialization option for GHG quotas. Our GHG quota service impresses with customized solutions, special conditions and affiliate programs that are perfectly aligned with the target group. With our fleet portal, for example, we have a dedicated IT solution for the well-organized management of existing e-fleets and the registration of new vehicles. The quotas can be commercialized for all vehicle classes and for public charging infrastructure (CPO).
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Feasibility Studies

Our experts will sit down with you and find out if, to what extent and how the switch to electric mobility is worthwhile for your company. By the way, certain feasibility studies are also supported by public funds - contact us and we will be happy to inform you about funding!
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Business Case Analyses

In our business case analyses, our experts calculate for you whether the acquisition of an e-fleet and the implementation of charging infrastructure in your company or at your location is worthwhile.
Different scenarios show you which steps you can take to electrify your fleet, which steps you should consider, and how you can fully exploit the potential, taking into account the current subsidy landscape.
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Training for Car Dealers

On behalf of OEMs, we also provide car dealers with comprehensive information on subsidy programs and explain which subsidy programs are eligible for their vehicles and how they can make the most of them for their respective customers.
Our team of experts will be happy to prepare informational materials and presentations and accompany you to events on behalf of the OEMs.
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Policy Consulting

We offer individual policy consulting for public institutions, municipalities and public utilities. On the one hand, we develop step-by-step strategies and concepts for sustainable mobility. In addition, we incorporate relevant regulations and statutes for the development of own funding and reward programs in the field of electromobility.
On the other hand, we advise public authorities in the areas of potential and implementation and are happy to accompany them in the subsequent implementation process.
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